Anna Olofsdotter

Has her practice at the Solvalla Racetrack in Stockholm.

I have been working as an animal chiropractor in Sweden for 15 years. Before that, I completed my education and worked with trotting horses in the USA.


Eva Strauner med sin katt with her catSessan

Chiropractic for animals is a new science in Sweden. Many have now experienced the great usefulness of this treatment method for horses, dogs and other four-footed friends.

A chiropractor primarily treats disorders that have their origin in the vertebral column, the pelvis, the croup, the point of the shoulder, shoulder and other joints.

Understanding chiropractic requires some knowledge of your dog's back and anatomy. The back consists of 7 cervical vertebrae, 13 dorsal vertebrae (ribs) and 7 lumbar vertebrae (rump bones).

The skeleton consists of 300 bones whose function is to support and protect. The vertebral column is the suspending structure, the FRAME of the dog, and round about it are bones, joint capsules, tendons, ligaments and muscles.

Between the vertebrae are discs of connective tissue/cartilage, and in the middle the jelly-like core, as a shock absorber. If it is punctured, there is no shock absorber in the vertebral bodies and they rub against each other – this is DISC COMPRESSION and often squeezes a nerve that radiates from the brain's central nervous system out through the spinal marrow, the cervical vertebral column and the vertebral column of the back.

There, circulation will be cut off to the area that this nerve supplies with oxygen and motion impulses. This leads to metabolic disorder.

Bleeding can occur, swelling, heat, inflammation, and in persistent secondary conditions inflammation can occur.

The musculature in the area with the metabolism cut off because of nerve blockage due to locking of a vertebra can experience resulting muscle decay, atrophy. A vertebra that is pressed forward creates spondylosis – a gap appears between the vertebral bodies and calcium is formed and deposited between the vertebrae.

The body's natural defence is to form new material where there is a lack of it. A nerve that is blocked for too long becomes inflamed. After treatment by a chiropractor and release of the nerve, the convalescent period is about 3 weeks with laser treatment as a complement and to accelerate the healing effect.

Checks of the back are important in preventive health care.