One of the things that seems to happen is that the laser triggers the immune response in the immune cells by increasing the sensitivity of the cells involved in the immune response, leading to the release of substances that start an immunological chain reaction that includes the triggering of monocytic, neutrofil and eosinophil chemotactical factors (NCF, MCF, ECF).


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These factors together attract neutrophil granulocytes, monocytes and eosinophil cells to the affected surface. The above chain reaction also includes the formation of the movement inhibiting factor MlF, which slows the mobility of macrophages and in turn leads to these cells being brought into, and remaining, in the affected areas. The chain reaction can also boost the Skin Reaction Factor SRF. This affects the permeability of the blood vessels, stimulating blood circulation and the transport of protective cells into the stimulated area.

Studies of wound fluid before and after laser stimulation found that no lymphocytes were found among the leukocytes before stimulation, and that after, levels of between 4 and 10% were measured and that this level increased after the next stimulation.

A corresponding increase in the level of monocytes also took place.

It was also found that the following immunoproteins increased after just one stimulation: IgG, Albumin, A1-lipoprotein, IgG, A1-antitrypsin, Transferrin, A2-macroglobulin, IgA, and others. The increase was greatest in the first types and then fell. It also varied between individual patients depending on their susceptibility to laser treatment.

Finally, the increase in granulation tissue in wounds has been measured in various studies, and it was found that it was 2.4 times greater after treatment using HeNe laser than after treatment with a GaAlA light diode (LED).

In brief, then, one can say that laser radiation stimulates the skin to better function and aids the body in its ability to deal with the problems.

The depth of the laser's effect is about 1 cm, but the effect must in practice be somewhat greater since the immune substances are transported via the improved blood circulation.