Stretching for dogs
Stretching is used in the athletics world and means that a section of a limb is deliberately moved into a certain position, actively and slowly. The pictures below show how to stretch a dog. The exercises are done when the dog is calm and relaxed.


The dog must be physically and functionally healthy, and have a good fitness level for you to be able to start stretching it.

The objective of stretching is of course to prevent injury, and is a must for competitive dogs and working dogs. Pet dogs however also benefit from having the various muscle groups stretched.

Stretching is to be part of the dog's general care. When a muscle or muscle group is stretched, it is lengthened and blood circulation increases, which improves flexibility.

1. Lift the foreleg. Hold under the knee joint and round the paw. Bend the knee joint and press the knee towards the shoulder for about 15 secs. 2. Hold under the knee joint and lift the leg upwards in a stretched position until you feel resistance. The knee joint is to be extended – not flexed! Hold for 15 seconds.
3. Lift the foreleg, bent at the knee. Hold the paw and above the knee. Pull the leg out gently until you feel resistance, and hold for 15 seconds. 4. Hold round the knee on the foreleg. Lift the leg and press it straight backwards until you feel resistance. Hold for 15 seconds.
5.  Hold under the hock on the rear leg and lift. The hock joint is to be straight. Press forwards and upwards. Hold for 15 seconds. 6. Hold one hand round the knee joint and lift upwards/backwards. The leg is to be extended straight. Use the other hand where necessary round the hock and pull the leg gently outwards. Hold the stretch for 15 seconds.

7. Bend the rear leg at the knee and hock joints. Hold under the hock joint and lift straight upwards/outwards until you feel resistance in the musculature. Hold for 15 seconds.